Derg Red Terror Policy Makers and Participants

No Name Position Remarks
1 Cpt. Taddesse Kassa Death Penality
2 Lance Corporal Negusse Tafese Welde Death Penality
3 Lt Col. Tesfaye WeldeSelasse Death Penality
4 Gen. Legese Belayneh Mersha Death Penality
5 Lance Corporal Melese Gebre Beyene Death Penality
6 Lt Melese Gebre Death Penality
7 Lance Corporal Teferawerk Ayalew WeldeMariyam (Wekaw) Death Penality
8 Corporal Getachew Mamo GebreMichaele Death Penality
9 Cpt. Fekadu Taye Death Penality
10 Dr Alemu Abebe Adera Death Penality
11 Col. TekleMichaele Armede Death Penality
12 Corporal Atlabachew Yametu Gizaw Death Penality
13 Cpt. Solomon Ayalew Death Penality
14 Corporal Fekadu Taye Death Penality
15 Lance Corpora Kasahun Demese Sentenced to life in jail 
16 Lance Corpora Teshome Belaye Sentenced to life in jail 
17 Pt. Officer Eliyas Bekele Sentenced to life in jail 
18 Lance Corpora Baye Belete Sentenced to life in jail 
19 Lt. Shimeles Walelegn Sentenced to life in jail 
20 Girma Tolosa Sentenced to life in jail 
21 Girma Demsse Sentenced to life in jail 
22 Lt. Getahun Bekele Sentenced to life in jail 
23 Lance Corpora Tesfaye Kebede Sentenced to life in jail 
24 Chalachew Berhane Sentenced to life in jail 
25 Hailu WoldeGiyorgis Sentenced to life in jail 
26 Lt. Eshetu Andarge Tefeta 25 Year in Jail
27 Lance Corpora Negusse Wolde 25 Year in Jail
28 Lance Corpora Shanko Gutema 25 Year in Jail
29 Col. Seyum WeledeAmlak 20/25 Year in Jail
30 Abera Yemaneab Gelaye 20/25 Year in Jail
31 Girma Gesesse Welde 20/25 Year in Jail
32 Col. Sileshi Mekuria 20/25 Year in Jail
33 Tewabech Asferi Hailu 20/25 Year in Jail
34 Kassa Godana Dembel 20/25 Year in Jail
35 Mulu Berhe Kassa 20/25 Year in Jail
36 Sibhat Leab GebreKidan 20/25 Year in Jail
37 Mekonnen GebreMariyam WeldeMariyam 20/25 Year in Jail
38 Asefa Belaye Gezahegn 20/25 Year in Jail
39 Alemayehu Mengesha Deneke 20/25 Year in Jail
40 Lance Corpora Zenebe Betre Gemedaw 20/25 Year in Jail
41 Lt. Teshome Bayu Degefe 20/25 Year in Jail
42 Cpt. Wakoyo Jara 20/25 Year in Jail
43 Tewodros Yergu 20/25 Year in Jail
44 W/ro Aynalem Asrat 20/25 Year in Jail
45 Alemu Zeleke 20/25 Year in Jail
46 Dejen Tesema 20/25 Year in Jail
47 Major Rondasa Biratu 20/25 Year in Jail
48 Lance Corpora Alemu Abate 20/25 Year in Jail
49 Pawlos Filipos 20/25 Year in Jail
50 Lt. Tesfaye Gurmu 20/25 Year in Jail
51 Girma Mekonnen Gebre 23 Year in Jail
52 Officer Demmelash Tafese 18 Year in Jail
53 Lance Corpora Gizaw WeldeGebriel 15/19 Year in Jail
54 Terefe Cherkos Tura 15/19 Year in Jail
55 Adem Iteya Wako 15/19 Year in Jail
56 Col. Zeleke Zeryihun 15/19 Year in Jail
57 Abdi Hasho Adem 15/19 Year in Jail
58 Col. Mekuriya Abera 15/19 Year in Jail
59 Officer Bekele Taddesse 15/19 Year in Jail
60 Yemeru Haye 15/19 Year in Jail
61 Zekariyas Hailu 15/19 Year in Jail
62 Lance Corpora Gezahegn Bekele 15 Year in Jail
63 Lt. Abera Asfaw 15 Year in Jail
64 Lance Corpora Tekola Mamo 12 Year in Jail
65 Cpt. Tesfaye Reste 12 Year in Jail
66 Tebeje Alene 11 Year in Jail
67 Lt. Col. Muluneh Kidanewold 10 Year in Jail
68 Lesanewerk Degye 9 Year in Jail
69 Chernet Ertro 8 Year in Jail
70 Fekadu Nega 6 Year in Jail
71 Gonfa Bedada 6 Year in Jail
72 Hurga Bedada 6 Year in Jail
73 Bekele Mergiya Hordofa 5 Year in Jail
74 Officer Bekede Abebe 3 Year in Jail
75 Officer Bekele Taddesse Passedaway
76 Major Yohannes Metiku Passedaway
77 Major Berhanu Kebede Passedaway

እትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!!

Long Live Ethiopia!

......ያ ትውልድ......
ታሪካችሁ ህያው ነው!

The Generation is Immortal!


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